The Fly you Need for Fall Midge Hatches [VIDEO]

The brown trout spawn is in full swing, which means that unless you’re fishing behind their redds to catch other trout feeding on brown trout roe, you’re stuck looking for other fish.

Luckily, this fall and winter time of year brings out some of the most technically challenging – yet incredibly rewarding – dry fly fishing.

Midge hatches. 

I just got back from a trip to Oregon where midges were on the diet, and I snagged this bad boy on a size 24 parachute midge.


While I had success in Oregon, I wish I would’ve had this pretty awesome pattern that TightLine just released on YouTube – the Peg’s Midge.

It’s simple, easy to tie, and works to cover a variety of midge hatches. Take a look at the video below and add this fly to your fall arsenal.

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