Enjoying the Journey [Video]

I’ve had a rough week that included a health scare and some big changes for my career and financial situation. It’s been trying, and some time on my favorite river – the Green below Flaming Gorge Dam – was called for.

I hit the river with my good friend Jesse for a day of sporadic, tough, match-the-hatch fishing.

Halfway through the day, when we broke for lunch, the beauty of the Green River overwhelmed me, as it always does, and I realized I was enjoying the journey to the trout more than catching the fish. That day, that’s what I needed to take away from my time on the river to get the rest of my life in order.

Jesse and I shot some video while out on the Green, and I hope you enjoy it. And remember – enjoy the journey.

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Spencer Durrant

Spencer is a fly fishing writer from Utah and author of the soon-to-be-published YA novel, “Learning to Fly.” He’s a regular columnist for the Standard-Examiner, where he authors the monthly Trout Bum column, in addition to writing the Cutthroat Chronicles for Fishwest. His writing has appeared in Hatch Magazine, On The Fly Magazine, The Orvis Fly Fishing Blog, and KSL.com. If he’s not on the river, he’s at home tying flies or writing. Connect with him on Twitter or Instagram @Spencer_Durrant.

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